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Minutes, 6 June 2017. as recorded by Bill KE5OEX

June 6th, 2017

-Bill KE5OEX
-John KQ5CBG
-David KE5HQM
-Richard KG5RPL
-Mike KF5RKS
-Robert KG5PLN
-Jeri WB6RAP
-Kevin N0IRW
-Martin WB5AGZ
-Nelson WB5ONA
-Ron AC5JQ
-Jim W5JCS
-Keith NQ4W formerly KG5SON


-Dues and Elections-(all in attendance paid $10.00 dues)
John KG5CBG elected Secretary/Treasurer
Nelson WB5ONA elected President

-The next scheduled meeting will be canceled due to the date falling on July 4th

-Salvation Army- The club needs to remove the Tower and Antennas whenever possible- Nelson WB5ONA and Jeri WB6RAP
will inquire about getting a bucket truck

-The Club will not participate in field day this year. It was recommended and encouraged by Kevin N0IRW to attend a field day event by local clubs in Oklahoma City and Tulsa area. The ARRL Website has a Field Day locator for those interested. We are considering doing a winter field which occurs January 27th and 28th,2017 and SET (Simulated Emergency Test-Date To Be Determined). We should consider a special event, maybe Oklahoma QSO.

-Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) Toma Mallet(spelling) from the Cimarron Council BSA stop by to talk about the upcoming event and to ask for our participation. The venues being considered are The Will Rogers Boy Scout Campsite in Cleveland. OK and a Boy Scout Club house in Stillwater. OK. He would like to include Girl Scouts and has asked the Girl Scout Counsel to join in. The Consensus was to participate as a club and use The Will Rogers Campsite as our venue. More to follow.

Minutes, 2 May 2017. as recorded by Bill KE5OEX

May 2nd,2017

Martin WB5AGZ
Kevin N0IRW
Nelson WB5ONA
Chris KE0MX
Sylvia KG5PJG
Keith KG5SON
Robert KG5PLN
Reagan Thomas

-Sylvia was voted in as the Webmaster-Suggestions to include an outreach for people to test,Contact form,Repeater Etiquette, A page for links such as ARRL,QRZ,W5YI,Propagation report etc

-June Meeting the club will hold elections, club dues

-Field Day June 24th and 25th

-Perry Club net on Tuesday 8:00pm KL7MA 442.925Mhz 141.3 pl (I found this on the repeater director)

-Club Liability due and paid

-The club may want to consider what will happen if and when Dan Schroeder K5FVL is unable to maintain the repeater equipment

-Non Profit Status- Having non profit status will be difficult and expensive to peruse and may not be cost effective-Table discussion

-Ships on the Air-June 3rd and 4th


Minutes, 5 April 2017, as recorded by Bill KE5OEX

Meeting Minutes April 4, 2017

Kevin N0IRW
Keith KG5SON
Mike K5RKS
Nelson WB5ONA
Martin WB5AGZ
Robert KG5PLN

-The Tech Class was a success. Four out of the six students passed the Tech exam. Here are the four that passed and their call signs.

Keith Williams KG5SON
David Mizelle KG5SOO
Phillip Seeberger KG5SOP
Tristen Minney KG5SOQ

Congratulations and welcome to the world of Amateur Radio

-The Club welcomes Keith KG5SON to the meeting

-We will not be participating in the annual Payne Co Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Fair, due to the conceding Green Country Hamfest. Michael Zanfardino-Event Coordinator understood and hopes we can participate next year

-Green Country Hamfest will be April 7th and 8th. Kevin N0IRW informs they will have a Youth Booth there to promote amateur radio for young people. There will be activities such as a Scavenger Hunt and prizes.

-The club was happy to have Jim W5JCS attend the meeting. He thanked everyone for their well wishes after his recent heart attack and said he is grateful to be part of the “Fraternity of Amateur Radio”

-Hamcom June 9th and 10th Irving Convention Center in Dallas TX
-Ham Holiday July 21st & 22nd OKC

-Mike WD0CTA Generous offer to allow the club to use a building on his property as a Ham Shack. We should organize a time to get to his place in Ingalls for clean up and restoration and preparation for setting up the shack

-Tractor Show May 5th, 6th and 7th. Please consider volunteering to work gates on the 6th and 7th.

-ARRL Field Day June 24th and 25th.

-We had one person,Tom Peters, now KG5SSA, take the Tech, General and Extra exams. He passed the Tech and General levels. Congrats


Minutes, 7 March 2017    as recorded by Bill KE5OEX

Meeting Minutes March 7,2017

Martin WB5AGZ
Nelson WB5ONA
Kevin N0IRW
Sylvia KG5PJG
Garrett Negen Visiting

-Salvation Army Tower removal-Mike KF5RKS is contacting a friend to see about a cherry picker

– JOTA- Bill KE5OEX is corresponding with Troop 828 to coordinate participation with Jamboree On The Air

-Good NET and repeater practices- Martin WB5AGZ reminding everyone to allow a delay for the squelch tail to drop out and allow someone to check in to the Net before your turn to Transmit

-ARRL Testing even months-Kevin N0IRW requests that we hold ARRL testing on even numbered club meetings and retain W5YI testing for odd numbered months. Motion to adopt and carried unanimously.

-ARRL & Spam-FYI there have been some complaints about spam coming through the ARRL website

-Sad News-Sam W5CU from Edmond had his house destroyed. Please keep him in your thoughts and offer condolences if you happen to see or hear him on the radio

-WebMaster-Sylvia KG5PJG is now the WebMaster for the club. Congratulations Sylvia!

-Technicians Class to be held March 25th and 26th at the Lee Glass Co- Six students to attend four of which are Boy Scouts.

-Tractor Show May 5th, 6th and 7th. Mike WD0CTA is asking the club for volunteers to help with the gates on the 5th & 6th. Those who are there before 7:30am will be fed an awesome country breakfast and lunch will also be provided. Please keep in mind that we will receive a $500 donation for our efforts

-Sylvia announced the up coming YLRL YL/OM Contest this weekend

-Considering placing a GPS tracker on the trailer-tabled

-Considering changing the Net time-tabled

Motion to close meeting-motion carried

7 March 2017 minutes END




Stillwater ARC Minutes 12/4/2018

Present: John Deveny (KG5CBG), Lee Dumas (W5TOR), Nelson Ehrlich (WB5ONA), Ron Fury (AC5JQ), Robert Hadaway (KG5PLN), Mike Harris (KF5RKS), Rex Ishmael (WD0AJG),  Mark Matalik (AE5DN),  Jerri McCord (WB6RAP), Martin McCormick (WB5AGZ), Kevin O’Dell (NØIRW), Bill Pendleton (KR3LL), Jim Shideler (W5JCS).

President Bill Pendleton called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The minutes of the November meeting were approved. There was no Treasurer’s report because the minutes of the November meeting had not yet arrived; however, the amount on deposit is the same as for October.

Since no business was before the club, the meeting adjourned at 6:38 pm. Following the meeting, Mark Matalik (AE5DN) gave a very interesting presentation on the capabilities of digital mobile radio (DMR).




Stillwater ARC Minutes 11/6/2018

Present: John Deveny (KG5CBG), Lee Dumas (W5TOR), Nelson Ehrlich (WB5ONA), Ron Fury (AC5JQ), Robert Hadaway (KG5PLN), Martin McCormick (WB5AGZ), Bill Pendleton (KR3LL), Nathan Strubhar (KD7KTR).

President Bill Pendleton called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The minutes of the October meeting were approved subject to the following correction/addition:


Correction: Damage sustained with the removal of the towers was limited to an antenna rather than one of the towers. The damage was minimal and was less than expected given the nature of the operation.


Addition: Rodney Batchelder, who tested after the October meeting, passed both the Technician and General  exams. The Club is happy to extend hearty congratulations on this accomplishment!



As of 10/31/2018 the club had on deposit $xxxx.xx.  There was one deposit of $30 (dues from Ken and Lynn Case) and one disbursement of $xxx to Payne County Tree Service for services related to the removal of the club towers at the Salvation Army building (bucket truck and personnel).



We need to discuss what to do with the trailer. Discussion was deferred to the December meeting due to minimal attendance at the November meeting.


State Parks on the Air is coming. The closest parks to Stillwater are Keystone State Park (about 40 miles, near Mannford), and Roman Nose State Park (about 90 miles, near Watonga). We will discuss possible participation in December.


At the end of the meeting Robert demonstrated some interesting equipment that he had acquired on eBay, including a dongle-type spectrum analyzer that attaches to a cell phone.


The meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.




Stillwater ARC Minutes 10/2/2018

Present: Rodney Batchelder (testing), Ken Case (K5KC), Lynn Case (W5LC), John Deveny (KG5CBG), Nelson Ehrlich (WB5ONA), Ron Fury (AC5JQ), Robert Hadaway (KG5PLN), Mike Harris (KF5RKS), Martin McCormick (WB5AGZ), George McElhoe (K5GCM), Kevin O’Dell (NØIRW), Bill Pendleton (KR3LL), Jim Shideler (W5JCS).

The meeting began at 6:30 with a slide presentation by Ken Case, accompanied by Lynn Case, describing their impressive antenna farm. The presentation lasted till approximately 7:30, at which time President Bill Pendleton called the regular meeting to order.


As of 8/31/2018 the club had on deposit $—-.–.  The bank statement for 9/30 had not arrived as of 10/2.


On September 29 a number of club members participated in removing the club tower at the Salvation Army church.  The towers were removed with the assistance of a bucket truck from Payne County Tree Service, for which the club paid $250. Once down, the towers, which belong to Mike Veldman, were placed on a trailer and hauled to Mike’s land east of town. As expected there was some minimal damage, fortunately only to one tower. Many thanks to everyone who participated in this endeavor.

Tower feedlines had been routed through a window at the Salvation Army church, and Nelson replaced that window. He also did significant prep work on the towers, thus greatly facilitating their removal.

Bill will pull the trailer to Robert’s lot at a time TBD. The deadline for applying to pull the trailer in the homecoming parade has passed, so that possibility is on hold till next year.

John checked the Oklahoma Tax Commission website regarding the possibility of a sales tax exemption for the club. There are a number of narrowly defined categories of organizations that can qualify, and we do not fit any of those categories.

Robert has begun work as club Webmaster. He has already put in a lot of work on bringing the website up to date.

Kevin stated that he has 45 feet of tower, along with related hardware, that he would like to sell, if anyone is interested.


JOTA is coming, but it appears to be too late to participate as a club this year.

The Ardmore Hamfest is Oct. 26 and 27.

MTC Homecoming is set for Oct. 13.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 for testing.

John Deveny, KG5CBG




Stillwater ARC Minutes 9/4/2018

Present: Jim Bullington (testing), John Deveny (KG5CBG), Nelson Ehrlich (WB5ONA), Ron Fury (AC5JQ), Robert Hadaway (KG5PLN), Mike Harris (KF5RKS), Martin McCormick (WB5AGZ), Kevin O’Dell (NØIRW), Bill Pendleton (KR3LL), Jim Shideler (W5JCS).

President Bill Pendleton called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The minutes from the July meeting were approved.



September 29 has been chosen for removal of the club tower at the Salvation Army church, pending weather or other contingencies.  The following comments were made in that regard:

*Bill reported that Kinnunen has the cheapest rental for a man lift–$280 for Saturday to Monday morning.

*Robert mentioned that he has a farm jack that might be useful. He also has a 6000 lb. pulley.

*Mike Veldman (WD0CDA) probably has a tower jack.

*Kevin has a gin pole.

*Nelson indicated that we would need rope, 100 or more feet. Mike suggested that 150’ would be better.

*Bill will announce on the net if Sept. 29 is a firm date.

*The question came up of what it might cost to hire someone to remove the towers. Bill will explore.


The question of where to park the trailer came up. It was agreed to accept Robert’s offer of a parking place on his company’s lot in Stillwater. It was also noted that we might want to pull the trailer in the OSU Homecoming Parade, so local storage is desirable for easy accessibility. The parade participation will be discussed further at the next meeting.

The matter of a state sales tax exemption is still under investigation.

Jim reported that the October meeting will feature a presentation by Ken Case (K5KC) and his wife Lynn (W5LC) on HF operating, dxing, and contesting, as well as a look at their stations.  Future presentations will feature presentations by Mark Matalik (AE5DN) (DMR), Jerry Rosalius (WB9Z) (tent and generator operating, DXpeditions), Gordon West (WB6NOA) (emergency communications), and Bob Heil (K9EID) (topic TBD).

Fortunately we have Wi-Fi access at the Lee Company, so streaming presentations will be possible at our regular meeting venue.

Robert volunteered to replace Sylvia Cox (KG5PJG) as club webmaster. Bill indicated that Mike Crane (KC5GJN) has the necessary password.

Kevin stated that he has some tower material he would like to get rid of, if anyone is interested.



There was no new business.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 for testing. Congratulations to Jim Bullington, who was able to pass all three exams at this meeting!  An extraordinary accomplishment!

John Deveny, KG5CBG