Meeting Minutes

Hello, Friends,

On this page, you will find the minutes of each monthly meeting archived. The page begins with the most recent month.

Stillwater ARC Minutes 10/1/2019

Members Present: N0IRW, WB5AGZ, KG5TFG Regan, KF5RKS Mike, KG5CBG, KG5PLN, WB6RAP Jerry, WB5ONA, KR3LL

Guests Present: Jason Morgan (testing passed tec), Curtis Bolin (testing passed tec and gen)

Minutes read and approved

Jerry W6RAP offered to bring service monitor to test radios owned by club members for sensitivity.

Offer was accepted and Jerry will present next month.

Nelson announced the coming of the Enid Hamfest first weekend in November.

Inventory of trailer put off indefinitely due to time change.

Kevin announced Ardmore Hamfest 25-26 October.

Balance in Bank remains unchanged.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 for testing.



Stillwater ARC Minutes 9/3/2019

Present: John Deveny (KG5CBG), Nelson Ehrlich (WB5ONA), Bradley Froemke (KN4WMU), Leah Froemke (visiting), Ron Fury (AC5JQ), Mike Harris (KF5RKS), Greg Kail (testing), Russell Mayes (KF5VDY), Martin McCormick (WB5AGZ), Kevin O’Dell (N0IRW), Bill Pendleton (KR3LL),

Club President Bill Pendleton called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


The Treasurer’s report was not available.


At the last meeting we inventoried the club trailer.  There is more work to be done on the trailer.

This last month saw hamfests at Oklahoma City and Joplin (a great event, according to Mike), as well as the Edmond tailgate.


Kevin reported that all ARRL members will soon (between the third week of September and the first week of October) receive a ballot in the mail for Director. This is a three-year term starting on January 1, 2020.  The incumbent is John, and Kevin strongly urges everyone to vote promptly for John. Kevin indicated that the opposition candidates have no experience in ARRL operations, and the concerns they have expressed have already been addressed.

There was a discussion of efforts to reactivate that OSU amateur radio station, W5YJ.  Russell stated that he and another ham have been making efforts in that direction and that Dr. Keith Teague, of the OSU School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is his uncle. The SARC has been aware for some time of Dr. Teague’s interest in reviving the station. Bill asked Russell to let Dr. Teague know that the club’s interesting in supporting W5YJ’s revival is ongoing.

Bill indicated that for the next meeting, Jeri will bring his service monitor.  This will be an opportunity for everyone to get their radios checked (frequency accuracy, etc.)

The meeting adjourned at approximately 7: 00 for testing.  Congratulations to Greg Kail, formerly KC2DWF, who re-joined the amateur radio fraternity by passing his Technician exam!

John Deveny, KG5CBG       Substituting for Robert Hadaway, KG5PLN, Secretary/Treasurer

Minutes from August 8 2019 Meeting

In attendance

KF5RKS Mike, KG5CBG John, N0IRW Kevin, WB5AGZ Martin, CALL SIGN?  RON FURY, KR3LL Bill, WB5ONA Nelson, WB6RAP Jerry, KG5PLN Robert

Steve Smalley KC5IRR

Jerry Marshal, Mark Hamlin, Bradley Froemke

Minutes were read

No old business was revisited

New Business:

Kevan N0IRW advised the club that the Director, John and Vice-Director, Lee of our section in the ARRL will be challenged by unqualified, activist opponents who seek to restrict or shutdown Winlink.  Kevin informed us that their opposition to Winlink is that it can be encrypted and thus violates the rule that all HAM communication be made in the open and not encrypted.

Mike KF5RKS let us know that the Ham Radio Tailgate will be behind the RL Williams Bld on 33rd in Edmond, 332 W 33rd st, below the water tower.  There will be a consignment store open there website is

Four test takers were present

Meeting adjourned at 6:53

KC5IRR passed his Am Extra and donated $100 to the club


Meeting Minutes 7-2-19

Bill Called meeting at 6.30pm

Minutes read and approved

Incomplete attendance follows

Bill kr4ll

Nelson wb5ona

Rex wd0ajg

Lee w5tor

Ron ac5jq

John kg5cbg

Robert kg5pln

Mike kf5rks

Martin wb5agz

Kevin n0irw


Ron paid dues $20

Bill reported that Kicker was happy with how we left the place after field day.

Robert proposed we do some work on the trailer. This was discussed.  Nelson recommended Robert bring the trailer next time to do the inventory and test the AC.  Sale of trailers contents and sale of the trailer itself were discussed briefly.  Mention of buying an ambulance.

Voted to bring trailer to next meeting. Passed.

Robert mentioned that we have cut our Annual Rev dramatically now that we lost the Steam engine show money.

Kevin announced OCK Hamfest last weekend on July and advised that the rumor of the loss of the 2m band was ‘fake news,’ and let us know that Dayton or Zinna now was great!

Stillwater ARC Minutes 6/4/2019

Present: John Conn (not yet licensed), John Deveny (KG5CBG), Lee Dumas (W5TOR), Nelson Ehrlich (WB5ONA), Robert Hadaway (KG5PLN), Mike Harris (KF5RKS), Martin McCormick (WB5AGZ), Bill Pendleton (KR3LL).

Club President Bill Pendleton called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The minutes of the May meeting were read and approved


The current bank statement had not arrived as of the meeting date.


There was a discussion of ARRL-sponsored insurance of club equipment. The annual cost would be $1.40 per $100 of insurance, and specific items would need to be listed as insured. The matter was tabled pending details of what equipment the club owns and what it is worth. There was a brief discussion of whether the club trailer can be insured through the ARRL equipment insurance program. Secretary-Treasurer John Deveny will check into whether this program can cover the trailer. The matter is tabled until this information is available.

For Field Day (June 22), Bill has received permission from Kicker to use their lawn as a venue.  He will set up a canopy.  We can order food (pizza or ?) or we can use grills across the street in Boomer Lake Park. There are also restroom facilities in the park. Everyone please bring folding chairs, equipment, antennas, etc. We discussed the need to coordinate operations (bands) to avoid cooking receivers. We plan to offer license exams at the Field Day event. Inclement weather could cancel the event.


Annual club dues were payable at the June meeting. The current dues are $20/individual, and 1.5 times the base rate for a family (defined as nuclear family). As of this meeting, the Secretary-Treasurer received the $20 dues from the following members:

John Deveny              Lee Dumas                 Nelson Ehrlich            Robert Hadaway

Mike Harris                  Martin McCormick      Bill Pendleton              Tim Sickbert

In addition, Tim Sickbert (currently in Colorado-not present at the meeting) sent in an additional $20 to cover last year’s dues.

Total:  $180.

John reported that it had been one year since we gave a donation to the Lee Co. in recognition of their allowing our club to use their facility for our meetings. The club voted to make a donation of $120 (the same amount as last year). John wrote a check for $120 and left it in the designated red drop box by the outside door.

John reported that he had filed the club 990-N income tax return with the IRS. This return is for non-profit, tax exempt organizations and is a notification to the IRS that we are still operational and our annual revenues do not exceed $50,000.  There is no tax to be paid. Filing the 990-N enables us to use our FEIN (tax number) on our bank account, rather than an individual’s social security number.

June is the month for election of club officers.  Bill Pendleton was re-elected as club president, and Robert Hadaway was elected secretary-treasurer. Current secretary-treasurer John Deveny will check with Bancfirst regarding procedures for changing authorized signatures on the club account.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 7: 30.

John Deveny, KG5CBG       Secretary/Treasurer


Minutes from previous years