Local Nets

Nearest to home is our Stillwater Area Net, on the K5SRC repeater, 145.350 – with PL of 107.2, each Thursday night at 8 p.m. Central time. Do come join the fun, with our several net control stations.

Some of the following are dedicated traffic nets. Others are mostly ragchew nets.

There are hundreds and hundreds of nets as even a modest Internet search will attest.  ARRL and ARES-OK Internet sites list Oklahoma nets, however, the lists desperately need updating. Hopefully, the above info is accurate.

The very popular 7290 Traffic Net has many check-ins from Oklahoma, Texas and surrounding states.  The net handles a fair amount of traffic.  The Web Site for the 7290 Traffic Net is a valuable resource for traffic handling procedures and other operating aids.  This net provides on-air training about once a month, as wall as training  materials on their website.

Websites for OKC, Tulsa, and Norman (W5NOR SCARS) radio clubs list additional nets along with valuable resources.

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