Four NEW licensed Amateur Radio Operators in Stillwater, Oklahoma!

On March 25-26, 2017, Stillwater Amateur Radio Club offered a Technician’s license class weekend, with the test proctored at the end of the second day. Six students took the class, and four passed the test. Those four have been assigned their callsigns by the FCC. They are:

Keith Williams KG5SON

David Mizelle KG5SOO

Phillip Seeberger KG5SOP

Tristen Minney KG5SOQ

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Amateur Radio!

Kevin O Dell, N0IRW, did a great job leading the class. We value his experience and expertise, and thank him for a job well done.

The two students who didn’t pass the test are encouraged to study and test again. Having your license is worth it!

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