Local Nets, Salvation Army Volunteering, and a 2 meter amplifier project

Nelson has made a list of nets he attends and they have been posted here for others to view and participate in them. Click the Local Nets link in the menu.

The club will be volunteering by ringing bells and collecting donations for the Salvation Army this holiday season.

Jeri has suggested a project. If enough people are interested, we can have the boards made. Click on the Club Projects link in the menu.

Suggestions are welcome for other project ideas.

ARRL Field Day: SARC Participation in Stillwater, June 25-26

The club will be participating in the ARRL Field Day competition on June 25-26.

The club will set up at in the Kicker parking lot next to Boomer lake.

This event will be fun for those Hams wanting to compete as well as those who want to operate more casually. This is also a great way showcase amateur radio to the public and find people interested in becoming amateur radio operators.

Here is a link to the official ARRL website describing the Field Day: http://www.arrl.org/field-day